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2002 Donzi 38 Daytona
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Story by Jason Husman
My buddy Bijan took us out on his speed boat this weekend. He paid something like $250,000 for this 38 foot long beast previously owned by Don Johnson. I was kind of shocked when he pulled up at the dock. This thing was HUGE!

I think he said the boat holds 240 gallons of gas, weighs over 11,500 pounds and gets less than 1 mile per gallon. Well, we hit close to 80 MPH a number of times and what a rush that was. We had to wear some serious ear protection while sitting in the back.
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I tried to get some great still photos inside and outside of the boat. The pirate ship from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the Black Pearl, was docked near where we launched. We also cruised by some serious transport ships. The videos pick up on the wind noise, but hopefully you can see what it is like to travel nearly 80 MPH on the ocean! The last video is just of the engine bay while at idle.
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2002 Willow Springs Raceway
Sunday, August 25, 2002
Story by Jason Husman
Soon after I moved to California, I had to go check out a race track. The most interesting track, that was sort of close, was Willow Springs. A few hours outside of Los Angeles and I had arrived.

To my surprise, the Pulp Racing crew was there! You might have heard of them because of their popular website, the NSX-files. This day they brought their trailer with a slightly modified Honda S2000 and a Ferrari 360.

The track was full of Dodge Vipers, Porsches, BMWs and various small cars. I was lucky enough to take my S2000 around the track a couple of times. Unfortunately, it wasn't true track time. There was a break in the action around lunchtime and visitors were allowed to circle the track playing follow the leader. Most of the time I was following Wayne's girlfriend driving the 360!

I took pictures of a few of the cars, the Pulp Racing crew and the track (in the background).
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